Johnston, A.M., Turrin, C., Watson, L., Arre. A.M., & Santos, L.R. (in press). Uncovering the origins of dog-human eye contact: Dingoes establish eye contact more than wolves, but less than dogs. Animal Behaviour.

Rosati, A.G., Arre, A.M., Platt, M.L., & Santos, L.R. (2016). Rhesus monkeys show human-like changes in gaze following across the lifespan. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283: 20160376 [pdf]

Invited Talks

Arre, A.M., Rosati, A.G., & Santos, L.R. (2017). Developmental changes in rhesus macaque preference for socioemotional stimuli. Talk presented at the Harvard-Yale Conference on Human Evolution, Harvard University: Cambridge, MA.

Arre, A.M., Rosati, A.G., & Santos, L.R. (2015). Developmental changes in primate gaze following. Talk presented at the Undergraduate Research Exposition, The University of Rochester: Rochester, NY.

*Symposium talk awarded the President's Choice in Undergraduate Research

Poster Presentations

Arre, A.M., & Santos, L.R., (2017) Investigating the development of true belief representation in rhesus monkey infants. Poster presented at the 2017 Cognitive Development Society Bi-ennial Conference, CDS: Portland, OR.

Koopman, S.E., Arre, A.M., Pianadosi, S., & Cantlon, J.F. (2017). Understanding the 1-to-1 correspondence principle without counting. Poster presented as part of an invited poster symposium titled 'Uncovering the mechanisms of basic numerical abilities', SRCD: Austin, TX. [pdf]